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The right brushes can make all the difference in how your makeup applies.  Barescentsations brushes are especially made to use with loose mineral makeup, and make application and color-blending fast and easy. 

Beauty Tip: Makeup brushes are best cleaned using a mild facial cleanser or body wash, making sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Squeeze out excess water, fluff and reshape.

professional brushes...




Chisel Deluxe Powder Brush


Handmade in the USA, this tapered-bristle brush will provide for a flawless foundation application.  Use for applying setting powders, all over face colors, and bronzers as well.




Deluxe Flat Top Buffer


Fantastic multi-tasking brush made of super soft goat hair.  An excellent alternative to the traditional tapered face brushes for applying foundation, all over face colors, setting powders, and bronzers.



Ultimate Buffer Brush


The perfect combination of softness and fullness, this brush feels so silky on the skin.  Made from a special Goat mix, it's excellent as an everyday foundation or powder brush


$ 22.00


Luscious Kabuki Brush


Same great qualities of the Ultimate Buffer Brush but in a short-handle kabuki form.  Excellent for a sheer to medium coverage with foundations or setting powders.



$ 24.00

Chisel Blush Brush



Camouflage Concealer Brush


Chisel Angle Blush Brush

(long handle)




Chisel Super Deluxe Fluff Shadow Brush



Chisel Double Shader Brush



Chisel Tapered Fluff Brush



Duo Angle Fluff Brush



Silk Slanted Crease Brush




Flip It Shadow Brush




Chisel Duo (Detail Mini/Deluxe Fluff)









D2O Moisture Spritz

(2 ounces)



Great for all skin types, made of D2O-heavy water with Shea Butter for protection and healing, PCA for hydration, Foraha Oil to lubricate and moisturize, and D-Beta-Fructan to retain moisture in the cells.  Use to set minerals after makeup has been applied or to hydrate the skin anytime.  This light, refreshing spray can also be a good substitute moisturizer for oily or acne-prone skin.





Foundation Primer

(30 ml/1 oz.)


Create a smooth and invisible layer that helps hold makeup on for hours, giving you a flawless finish.  Non-comedeogenic, and great for all skin types.


$ 16.00



Barescentsations Mineral Mist

Aromatherapy Hydrating Spray

(4 fl. oz.)


Distilled water infused with Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sage, Cedarwood, Palmarose, Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract.  Use after applying makeup to help set and throughout the day to refresh and uplift.




Expandable Makeup Organizer Bag


Take everything you need along with you each day.  It's amazing how much can fit into this perfectly designed organizer, from makeup necessities to brushes.





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